MATRAS srl is an International Freight operates more than 40 years with a worldwide network of agents and specializes in sea and air.
The main office is located in Genoa, the city and harbor are in a strategic position in the Mediterranean for the development of international trade, and now has become the first port in Italy totally privatized, which then allows us to get the most competitive prices in the market.
Through an extensive network of agents at home and abroad, we are able to meet any transportation need, not only to and from Italy, but also for shipments abroad on abroad.


The Matras was founded in 1970 by several shareholders customs agents, specialized in imports of goods in Italy. This initial apparent limitation has allowed to develop in the early years of a perfect knowledge of customs issues, both nationally and within the EU.
In the light of this knowledge, it was possible to drive customers in the markets in which it intended to buy and at the same time optimize the shipping using our agents on site.
Once consolidated the results in Import, the transition to the management of shipments in Export has been a natural consequence.
Strong experience, we are now able to handle shipments to and from all countries of the world, irrespective of the conditions of sale or purchase.

Our proposal

The complexity of international shipping takes very professionally prepared people who know even the smallest details and that they can achieve the goal of getting goods to do - that are the real center around which the transport runs - to their destination, having made the journey shorter and more efficient at the best price, with the best guarantees, in perfect condition and within the agreed time.

International shipping, basic system of world trade, requires more qualified professional who is able to carry out effectively all the paperwork, take out insurance contracts are necessary and sufficient to cover the risks, who knows the languages ??for greater ease of communication, who can use technology to improve the transport of goods, for their safety and, among other qualifications, to provide timely information to the customer.

The Freight Forwarder is a professional .

And ' the architect of the international transport , services with its coordinates and organizes all operations treating the goods customers as if they were his .